Who We Are

Customer Satisfaction

Over %9O of our business comes from direct referrals from our existing clients and partners. On average. %60 of our annual business revenue comes from clients we have performed work for previously. We want your future referral. Therefore, we must continue to earn your business every day.Headquartered in Riyadh. Global Facility Solutions is a privately held company that operates as
an independent and objective building solutions provider.

Why Condor

We are not vendor or specific brand. Condor takes an unbiased approach to the development of solutions. Every building is unique and brings with it
a unique set of issues and needs. Therefore, the solutions that we develop must also be unique and based on the needs of our client and their facility.
We do not promote the products of any one manufacturer, vendor or supplier. Our recommendations are based on the specific needs of the client and their facilities.

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