About Us

To provide guidance on design strategies in arder to achieie. where reasonably practicable.
standard erirweririg solutions whilst promoting energy efficiency arid innovative designs.
To harmonies building and site wide systems to facilitate cost effective and efficient
operations. maintenance functions arid standardization.
To standardize the use of buikng services engineering systems to facilitate best value
solutions with rr ìufacturecs and spec’ahsts with respect to prolongeai t!quiprnerìt and
system warranties which will reduced life cycle operation and mnawitenance COStS.

To encourage the use of organizations with recognized energy. sustainab.lity and environment
certification arid approv standards e. ISO 1OO1, Energy Technology List (ETA). etc

To provide the Building Services Consultants with leve data of the existing sate. budding
infrastructure and utilities which will assist in design devekpmnent during eacti project stage
This will facilitate a bi.slding serviçe engineering manageaiwnt to which will become a live
interface for co-ordination betieen vancs projects atiicti may be at different stages of
tdesign and construction phase undertaken by different parties

To ensure that all works are provided to a jj-iiform and high standard, This should be
applied to the FOLLOWING:

  • Conpliance with the Project brief, workmnanship, quality and appearance.
  • Environnmental control and energy consumption, Reliability and Quality of materials
  • Maintainability and resilience of systems.
  • UCL environmental Sustainability Strati9y and Sustainable Buildings design specification.
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