Safety Policy

Workplace safety is the highest priority and responsibdety wi each employees duties,
The company will promote and improve safe conditions and environment
The company will promote safety activltie5 which wdl help to stimulate each employees conscience, such as safety training, information and competition, for example.

To encourage the use of organizations with recognized energy, sustainability and environment
certification and appro standards e ISO 1OO1, Energy Technology List (ETA). etc
All supervisors well be good examples in leading. training, and motivating employees in safety

All employees must at all times take into account their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues and company property.

All employees must take care of proper hygiene and orderliness in working areas.

All employees must prove cooperation to the company  safety and hygiene programmed  and are entitled to suggest opinions on improving working conditions and workplace safety.

The company well consistently evaluate adherence to the said policy.

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